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Effectiveness wages war on wastage.

Every single person and most things around you could become more purposeful.

Finding that greater level of purpose in everyone and everything is the only way to experience the most fruitful life possible. And we humans have the potential to realize or frustrate those purposes more than any other creature.

In fact, every moment, the resources available to you are either being used to make the world better, or misused, making it worse. That's just how it is in a life-supporting universe.

For life around you to flourish, you must use well all of the time, treasure and talent available to you.

If you are not using them con-structively, they will be moving towards some form of de-struction.

But it does't need to be that way...

In just a few minutes, the Effective Stewardship Test can affirm the way in which you are already making your world better. It will make clear the strategic step you need to take to raise your effectiveness to the next level.

So, how well are you using all you have?

How does it work?

The Effective Stewardship Test involves responding to a series of questions about how you approach aims, timing and responsibilities in daily life.

It will show you the ways in which you already make good use of time, treasure and talent and what would make you more effective.

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