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Discover the leadership potential in a whole group of people

Helping your small group, team, congregation—or even, a whole group of pastors/elders—discover their leadership potential will release a new level of effectiveness in your area of responsibility. In the course of this process every participant will identify his or her strengths in leadership as well as their growth areas. Taking a repeat profile after a given time will help the participants monitor their respective progress. The Empowerment Test makes this challenge an exciting, simple, and inexpensive exercise.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process that will result in your Empowerment Test participants receiving their own Personal Empowerment Profiles. It will also automatically deliver copies of those profiles back to you (as the sponsor of the process) so that you can produce an Empowerment Group Profile, giving you the big picture of the empowerment and leadership provided by your group. In addition, you will find below some optional suggestions for enhancing the overall experience even further.

If you would like to proceed with this process, you'll want to refer to this instruction page at various times along the way. So, bookmark this page in your web browser, using its bookmark icon or bookmark menu at the top of your screen.

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The steps

  1. Visit the intro page for the Empowerment Test to see a sample of the Personal Empowerment Profile. You may like to share that page with others who should be involved in the decision-making processes.
  2. Obtain sufficient eTest tokens for your group. You will need 1 token for each person who wishes evaluate his or her leadership potential. Significant volume discounts apply. View volume discounts and obtain tokens.
  3. Collect the names and email addresses of those who will be taking the Empowerment Test. If you don't already have those details, you could ask all those involved to send you an email to an email address you specify. That way you will have their email address in the "From" field of the email they send to you.
  4. Make sure that you are logged in to your account on the "3 Color World" website.
  5. Having collected a list of names and email addresses, invite them to take the Empowerment Test. The test works in such a way that each participant has to invite a number of people that they have ministered to in the past, so you should allow for sufficient time for this exercise. Whenever someone completes their Empowerment Test, you will receive a notification via email and their result will automatically be shared back to your account, since you are the sponsor of the exercise. The invitation email lets people know that this will happen. While the Empowerment Test doesn't take all that long to complete, due to some people being a little slow to respond to invitations, be sure to invite people to take the test with plenty of lead time, in case you would like to have all of the results ready by a particular date. Once you have sent your invitations, you can monitor their acceptance.
  6. If your leaders would like to produce a Detailed Empowerment Profile of their results, they can do so for free via their results page.
  7. Once all of the leaders have completed their test (or as many as you expect will complete it), you can produce a Group Profile combining all the results, or specific groups of results, with the help of the Advanced Profile option. Producing Group Profiles is free!

Optional steps

  • If you and a few others will be meeting with people to discuss their Personal Empowerment Profiles, you will find it very helpful to have a copy of The 3 Colors of Leadership book. It includes detailed descriptions of all of the leadership principles that the Empowerment Test is based on as well as further implementation ideas and teaching. The book is available both as hard copy and eBook, and always includes the code for one eTest for free.
  • If you or someone else would like to present a seminar or a sermon series on the topic of empowering leadership, make use of The 3 Colors of Leadership book for ideas about the points you would like to cover. If you would like to make use of visuals to enhance the series, look at the resources available on the Presentations & Artwork page.