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Raising inspiring worship services to the ultimate level

The missing ingredient

an inspired and inspiring personIt's impossible to have a truly inspiring worship service without inspired and inspiring worshippers turning up. They, and the breath of God flowing through them, are the main ingredients. You can polish the sermon and music to within an inch of their lives, but nothing you do in that hour or so is going to fully overcome the oxygen vacuum that comes in the door if your people are not learning how to be inspired and inspiring in the other 99 waking hours of their week. For many years, hundreds of thousands of worship teams have tried all manner of stage gymnastics to try to inspire their people from a daze to praise, and have themselves only ended up even more uninspired as a result. Of course, the elements of your worship service are important and should be as good as they can be. But kitchen appliances at a feast for the King are of little use without fresh ingredients to work with.

What happens when you all enter the room?

If Christians are (ideally) bearers of the breath of God all day, every day, wherever they go, then what happens when people enter from the back stage and front doors into your worship service is just a collective and amplified version of what happens when those people enter the other rooms of their daily lives. When they enter their living room, workplace, social club... they each in some way breathe the breath of God into the room, and in other ways, very likely drain some of it away (you possibly know people who do more of one than the other). In fact, as human beings with inescapable God-given influence, we can't help but change every room we enter. The only question is whether we will choose to grow so that that influence is more and more life-giving. What each person in your congregation does with that question will make the largest difference of all to your worship services.

Raising inspiring worship service to the ultimate level

inspiring worship service - teachability, discipline and humilityBy helping your people experience inspiration in the everyday, you can fully expect your worship services to be increasingly filled with the breath of God as it pours through the door as an overflow from the rest of their lives. As they grow in teachability, discipline and humility, they will become genuine worth-shippers—those who in the practical circumstances of everyday life are learning to put God, everyone, and everything in their appropriate places of value. They will be doing what inspired and inspiring people like Jesus do all the time.

The 3 Color Inspiration Process

As part of the 3 Color Discipleship Series, the Inspiration Test and associated group process addresses all of the above, helping each person to clearly see the ways in which they breathe the breath of God into the rooms of their world and the ways in which they are in danger of draining life from them. It is a quick, easy, and inexpensive process that can be used with people of nearly all ages and education levels. It is even designed to be completely accessible to non-Christians for discovering a life of inspiring worth-ship—putting them on the path to meet, at some point, THE inspiring worth-shipper.

At a minimum, it would be extremely helpful for those in your worship team to take the test and work through their results as well as produce a group inspiration profile that will help them understand what they collectively bring to the worship room. With those insights, and a new deeper understanding of inspiring worth-ship, they may then feel inspired enough to progressively help the whole congregation grow through that process. A whole new experience of inspiring worship service awaits. Find out more.